Northwest Expressions

Classic Shortbread "Shorties" Cookies


Northwest Expressions classic ‘shorties’ are indulgent shortbread cookies handmade following several time-honored recipes that bonnie perfected into her own gourmet expression. The traditional butter cookies are homemade using the finest quality ingredients and small batch baking expertise, which has elevated scottish shortbread cookies to an artisans’ level.

These delectable shortbread morsels are made fresh and simple, with kosher dairy products. It begins with pure cream butter (and lots of it too!), enriched wheat flours, pure cane sugars, corn starch and natural almond oils…and that’s it – gourmet shortbread biscuits with all natural goodness! Enjoy the buttery flavors as well as an elegant ‘melt in your mouth’ feeling with every savory ‘shorties’ shortbread bite!

So delicious!  

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