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J2 Race & Recovery Paste

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A Reservatrol and turmeric paste formulated and designed by Jackie Jatzlau that can be used to support cellular health, stamina, endurance, and normal muscle recovery.  "We created a paste that is not only a phenomenal pre-race supplement, but also helps when your horse needs it most, post competition, during recovery.  We wanted the gold standard of race AND recovery.  J2 R&R is a complete game changer!"

• Balances stomach ph
• Supports normal digestion function

Apple Cider Vinegar
• Helps maintain healthy gut
• Helps acidify stomach for digestion

• Helps fight off free radicals
• Powerful antioxidant
• Helps increase longevity

Vitamin E
• Supports lung function and oxygen utilization
• Helps increase oxygen to the lungs

• Helps improve stamina
• Supports oxygen in the blood stream, improving overall performance


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