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If your horse is balking at the gate, coughing, or just not performing, they could be bleeding! Over 75% of racing equines (barrel horses, thoroughbreds, etc.) experience the affects of bleeding. If you want to skip the Lasix, try RACE TODAY™; IT REALLY WORKS! Armed with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals in a molasses base, new trainers and veterinarians are using RACE TODAY™ on bleeders with impressive results.

Dosage varies with severity of bleeding, but a minimum daily dosage should be considered 2 ounces.  For horses with a history of light bleeding, it is beneficial and sometime necessary to keep the dosage at 4 ounces daily during the racing season.  Owners with heavy bleeders should consider the administration of 6 ounces daily, especially around race dates.  

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