Tight Joints Plus

Tight Joints Plus - Show Formula 2lb.


We realize with certain types of shows and competitions comes restrictions to what you can give your horse.

With this in mind we designed the Show Formula to meet the USEF guidelines. We removed the Devil’s Claw and increased the amount of MSM.

Whether you want to provide your horse with the Gold Formula year round or give the Original Tight Joints PLUS the majority of the time and switch to the Gold Formula before the show season, we have made it possible to keep your horse feeling its best while abiding by the USEF rules.

EFFECTIVE EQUINE JOINT SUPPLEMENT: Tight Joints PLUS Combines the joint support properties of glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate with the cell health and collagen synthesis properties of MSM in one convenient supplement.

How does it work?

Tight Joints Plus works in 3 main ways reduce inflammation, lubricate, and repair.

The equine nutritionist that formulates Tight Joints Plus has studied for many years that in order for joint supplements to work the first step is to reduce the inflammation. When the inflammation is gone the joint repairing agents can begin to do their job. The lubricating ingredients of Tight Joints Plus help the joint with just that, lubrication to prevent inflammation and cartilage damage.

  • Glucosamine- 10,000mg The basic building block of connective tissues and fluids. Works in treating osteoarthritis and rebuilding damaged cartilage.
  • MSM- 5,500mg Natural anti-inflammatory, helps with arthritis pain, increased circulation, and also benefits soft tissue.
  • Ascorbic Acid- 8,000mg Powerful antioxidant, reduces the level of uric acid in the body which can lead to arthritis and joint pain caused by inflamed joints.
  • Shark Cartilage- 1,000mg Reduces inflammation, regenerates worn cartilage, reduces pain, & stiffness.
  • Boswellin- 1,000mg Natural pain reliever.
  • Yucca- 1,000mg Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Copper - 200mg Anti-oxidant, required for the development, repair, and maintenance of joints, soft tissue, and other connective tissue.
  • Hyaluronic Acid- 150mg Enhances healing, anti-inflammatory, repairs cartilage damage, and improves joint function.
  • Manganese- 150mg Necessary for cartilage formation.
  • Vitamin E- 150mg Natural anti-oxidant

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