Katie's Coast to Coast is a mobile tack trailer and clothing boutique owned by Michelle Dahl that comes to you and your event!  We started out in 2002 setting up at dog shows and animal expos selling natural pet foods, fancy dog beds and fancy dog collars.  Being a horse lover and having horses for many years the horse items were added as well as stopping at horse shows and barrel races and that became our favorite thing to do.  A few years later when the 22' cargo trailer was added and set up like a store - complete with shelving, grid wall and a dressing room - we added tops, jeans, boots, etc and were able to service our customers with just about anything they needed while at a show.  We were one of the first mobiles in the area and we have enjoyed a faithful following of some of the best customers on the planet - and still do!  

Who's Katie?  Although I've been mistaken as 'Katie' and will usually answer to Katie when called without even thinking about it or skipping a beat, Katie was my beautiful, beloved Border Collie/Australian Sheppard and the business namesake.  She is the reason this whole craziness started and was a faithful friend and companion who traveled thousands of miles and was a friendly, smiling, tail wagging greeting when people came to shop.  Often times people would poke their head inside and lean in just to scritch Katie's head and say hello while she was hanging out on her dog bed next to the counter.  Or, you could see Katie playing hours of frisbee with my Dad or sister (also constant help and friendly faces), or taking walks around the fairgrounds, grandstands, rodeo grounds or wherever we were.  Katie died on February 4th 2010 at the age of 7 and is seriously missed every.single.day.  

We carry the top brands for you, your horse and your dog!  We want to carry only quality, well made products and brands you love and will do our best to keep your favorite, popular items in stock - as well as search out and find unique items that set you apart from the others.  Is there something you love but don't find it on our site?  Let us know!

Our traveling schedule varies so let us know where you'd like to see us and we just might be able to add it to our schedule of stops.  Or, shop from the comfort of your own home and in your jammies at our website!  We are also open for shopping the trailer while not on the road on an appointment basis.  We ship internationally too!  And don't forget - we're on Facebook and Instagram and would love to have you follow us there!  

Thank you for visiting - we want to earn your business!