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Los Lunas Big Zip Pouch


Colorful bands of multi-directional arrows symbolize the routes of Indigenous people who made petroglyphs—carvings on rock walls—to record their specific cultures and journeys through the area now known as Los Lunas. This small New Mexico town is neighbor to Laguna Pueblo, the Rio Grande Valley, and Hidden Mountain. The area’s abundant petroglyphs include figures seen nowhere else in the Americas. The carvings on Pueblo land are protected and treasured as centuries-old messages from the past.

For poolside, travel, and all-weather adventures, Canopy Canvas has you covered. Imported, 100% Cotton Canvas with a matte PVC coating for easy cleaning, 100% Polyester lining, spot clean,

Such a versatile bag with so many uses!  Easy clean canopy canvas.  Zipper closure 14.5" x 10" x 0.75"

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